Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Start of the Big Adventure

So, it's all go for the trip.

Plane tickets are booked - so next February I'll be off for a few months.

The general plan of this blog at the moment is to use it to keep people updated and maybe even update it during the trip itself.  Although I'm not making any promises on that.

Oh - the route.  Well the map shows you anyway, but the specifics are:

  • London -> Hong Kong
  • Hong -> Sydney
  • Sydney -> Alice Springs
  • Alice Springs -> Uluru -> Adelaide
  • Adelaide -> Melbourne
  • Melbourne -> New Zealand (yes - I know this is a bit vague right now)
  • New Zealand -> Fiji
  • Fiji -> Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles -> San Francisco
  • San Francisco -> New Orleans
  • New Orleans -> New York
  • New York -> London
All in 88 days (couldn't quite get it down to 80 days so you win this time Jules Verne)